Before and After

The one sentence I hear from clients most is “You can Photoshop that, right?

Well, yes…I can…and I will, BUT…let me provide some clarification into what type of ‘Photoshopping’ I provide and how it sets me apart from others.

I take extreme pride in my work; people will see your images on your wall and be in awe.

Editing is the very beginning for me. It’s the cropping, straightening, the color correction, the vibrancy, and exposure corrections. These changes give me a nice clean base to begin adding my distinctive style to and create the perfect portrait for you.

Retouching is the next step, and it’s where I dive into a pixel by pixel view and fix acne (skin smoothing), random eyebrow hair, food in teeth (teeth whitening), eye and nose boogies, and those eye bags. Yes, girl…I GOT YOU. This tiny list most definitely does not cover everything I retouch, but is a general idea. You’ll look AMAZING.

Extensive Manipulation:
This is where I pull the deeper pieces in. Things like my signature dramatic skies, removing random eye sores in the background, fixing thinning trees and grass, removing leashes, and anything else I see that needs changed to create an amazing finished product.