Published 2020 – The Ardent Lens

Look around your house, what kind of things are hanging on the walls? Are you a Hobby Lobby junkie? Or maybe the At Home store is your second home? (I’ll be honest, Hobby Lobby should just go ahead and sponsor my house at this point…ugh.) 

Why not flood your walls with art that makes you feel things? Art that actually warms your home and means something to you? Art that makes everyone who visits stop and stare.

That’s where I come in!

It’s true, I am a Professional Photographer…but, I’m also an artist. We’re not just taking photos together; I am creating masterpieces to decorate your walls for the rest of your life and for generations beyond that.

This is an investment. My pricing is fully inclusive and transparent; there are no hidden fees, separate fees, or up-sells…EVER.

I’m not keeping your images hostage until you fork over more money. Every image is carefully hand edited and fully retouched with professional printing in mind and those very same images edited to look amazing on social media. (I mean, who doesn’t love to share their photos!?) That’s right, every single edited image, you get two digital copies.

There are no high-pressure, in-person consultations or print order sessions.

Scheduling is super flexible, too. I get it. I’m a working mom who runs a household; ain’t nobody got time for…literally life at this point, right?

From start to finish, this is a 100% relaxed, go with the flow, less stress is best experience!

Worried about cost?
The only thing permanent is change, especially in our growing kiddos and pets. I don’t want cost to hold you back from family photos, so I offer various payment plans to help.

Standard $550

Standard Sessions are around an hour in length and return 20 images. This is the most popular option and best value.

Lite $350

Lite Sessions are around 30 minutes in length and return 10 images. This is a budget and time friendly option.

Extra $700

Extra Sessions are around 1.5 hours and return 30 images.

Looking for an indoor option? Natural light studio sessions are available for an additional fee.

Published 2014 – Exposure Magazine

A 25% retainer is due to book any session. It is non-refundable. The retainer can be applied to a future session if canceled at least 24 hours in advance. The remaining balance is due at the end of your session. 

All images are delivered via an online service, at no extra cost to you, where they can be downloaded and saved in a location of your choice. I recommend an external hard drive, cloud storage, or a USB.

Ordered prints are hand delivered to you by me.

Please contact me for Graphic Design, Real Estate or Commercial Photography estimates. The above rates do not apply to these sessions.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: My photographs are protected under the Federal Copyright Law. All reproductions including cards, coffee mugs, calendars, or anything else involving the use of my photographs are prohibited without written consent from Tiffany McKinley Photography.