What to Expect

How does this whole thing work? Like, start to finish?

You pick my website apart, you get excited to meet the down to earth, super relaxed, and hella cool photographer. (Hint: that’s me!)

You contact me via my website, FB, text, or email.

We chit chat while talking ‘business’. We probably laugh some. Who am I kidding, we probably laugh lots.

We determine the best session for your needs.

I send a contract over. You sign. Pay retainer.

We start the fun part! Planning! You are 100% included in this; these are for you and your home’s walls, you know.

We shoot…we SCORE!

I’m sorry. I had to.

We all leave happy, confident, and pumped for the sneak peek. You pay the remainder of your balance so editing can begin.

A Sneak Peek is posted on my business page within a few days of our session.

Culling, editing, rocking out to some jams in my office getting things done.

You get a message that your images are ready.

You can’t find a thing wrong and love every single one. I send you the link to download all your files.