Guinea Pig Sessions

What are “Guinea Pig” Sessions?
… basically, free photos for y’all willingly being my test subjects.

First off, I love taking photos of your families, your kids, your pets…truthfully, ALL the photos…but…I really want to start creating ART.

I have so many visions in my head, and I want to make them come to life. I am still 100% the same old household photographer y’all love and support, but…I want to begin on the more creative parts. Problem is…I need victims. I mean, subjects…models…whatever.  

…that’s where you guys come in, my friends who fall victim to my shameless self-promotion and advertisements whether you like it or not.

In my best Napoleon Dynamite impression, ‘Lucky!’

I have an ‘inspiration’ folder on my computer that has been growing for years…it has 200 + photos inside. I want to start working through those. I have a passion for growing and learning, and I want to focus on more of that this year.

I will need certain looks (hair color, eye color, other certain features, body types, ages, pet breed, wardrobe, etc.) for each (they are all VERY different!). There are also multiple parts…so, if you don’t fit this part…you may fit for another. If it’s something you’re interested for you, your spouse, your kids, your parents, a friend of yours…message me! Location will be local (to us) and scheduling is whatever works best for us both.

I’ll supply a library image (like the one below) where a group of inspiration photos will be, those photos will have corresponding numbers so you can tell me what you’re interested in filling in for and learning the more detailed specifications of what I’m needing. Underneath the library image, are numbered notes that are like quick Cliff Notes for what I’m looking for.

I will most likely ask you for quick cell phone photos of whatever you’re signing up for. Like, let’s say you’re picking a session that relies heavily on hands, I’ll probably ask for a picture of your hands. That sort of thing. I need to make sure you or what you have fits the ideas in my head/plan. If you’re not accepted, PLEASE don’t think you aren’t enough…every piece of you is beautiful and body/self positivity is something I feel strongly about. Your feature just doesn’t fit the type of session. (Like, someone with short red hair when I’m needing someone with very long red hair or super masculine hands and yours are more feminine. Things like that.)

These are no charge to you, you’ll get five of the photos (digital files – social media resolution) FREE from our session for your time. There will be an option for you to purchase the hi-resolution images if you want!

In some instances, I will need a MUA…for those sessions, if you aren’t capable of doing the ‘look’ yourself, you may not be chosen (unless you hire an MUA). (If you are interested in being an MUA for this, for portfolio work/free advertisement, hit me up!) ** MUA – Make Up Artist **

Some of them are funny, some are dark, some are…erm, ssssssspicy, like California Reaper Hot…some creepy, and some super ridiculously adorable.

These photos WILL be on my business FB and my website. Some will be entered into contests and also submitted to publications. Some of the photos may be available for purchase as fine art in my Etsy shop, as well. That being said, I’m not about to blast someone’s naked body for the world to see…any photos where nudity is implied, the images for social media will NOT have your face, unless you’re okay with that. They will have absolutely NO identifying factors (unless you have visible tattoos). To be clear, we are NOT shooting porn, we are shooting creative art. That being said…if you’re not comfortable with that…don’t sign up for that type of session. Simple as that. No hard feelings.

Each session will have a private gallery for you to choose which images you want from your corresponding session. You can order prints from me, if you choose to. You can choose to purchase more images if you wish, as well.

I am so excited about getting started on all these tiny projects I have been squirreling away. I have big dreams, and I’m sure some of these are going to be a total flop…but, ah well…the nature of the beast.

  • 1. Elderly couple, still very much in love and affectionate.

    2. Two separate same-sex couples.

    7. Couple with nicely decorated bedroom and lots of light. (Not boudoir! But, some suggestive images.) Pillow fight, so there will be feathers.

    9. Matchy-Matchy, 80s family photo. (Max 4 people, children must be old enough to follow direction.)

    10. Young kid, potentially one who likes to read.

    14. Couple, in the rain. Must be able to meet absolutely last minute…like, whenever we get rain again.

    15. Couple, Galveston. Not responsible for your travel costs.

    18. Feathers, LOTS of feathers, make up must be on point as it’s just your face.