Meet Me

Oh, hi!

I’m supposed to take a moment to tell you about myself, but…I mean, why is that always so hard!?

Let’s see…I took a photography class in high school, developing the film in a dark room, but have owned some sort of camera since the 90’s. My first camera was a Kodak 110 Film…and we went everywhere together. You know, both ways uphill in the snow, barefoot and all that stuff. 

I write exactly like I talk, and I use entirely too many emojis in text conversation. (Probably too many facial expressions in actual conversation, now that I think I about it. Oof.)

I’m obsessed with hippos. Then come dogs. I looooove dogs and all things dog.

Chocolate Chip Cookies give me life. I’m just saying I’m not going to turn them down if you show up for your session with them. In fact, I’m known to toss in a few more images weirdly coincidental, right? Super weird.

I’m a mom and am totally killing it…for like, at least a few minutes each day. 

I love road trips…especially loud music with the windows down. That is my happy place!

I have a deep-rooted fear of popping balloons, rubber bands, and June Bugs.  Just thinking about them, I get shivers. Yikes.

So, basically…I’m super cool and fun and relaxed, and that is exactly what you need when you’re hella stressed about your upcoming photos or you think your kiddos (or husband!) aren’t going to cooperate.


I’ve been doing this since the early 2000’s; I’ve got all the tricks and a ton of jokes. Whoever shows up grumpy is going home happy and chill by the end of our session. Pinky promise.

So, like…wanna get together and create some freaking fire photos? Feel free to go on and slide into my “DMs”…

Why Me?

My pricing is all-inclusive. No hostage scenarios or ransom notes regarding your photos. You get the best of the best. All of them. No hidden fees and no surprises.

Attention to Detail. I see that pet hair on your shoulder you didn’t know about and that one eyebrow hair you missed plucking…I fix it all. No extra charge.

My style is clean and classic.  Using contrast and true to life color, I create images that will look just as amazing decades later as they look today. I don’t follow current trends in editing; my work is timeless and won’t ‘go out of style’.

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CLIENTS INCLUDE: K2Bio, Tim Hight (Realtor), 321 Cups, FriEd Tech, Michael’s Dogs, Houston Cat Behavior, Artisan Loft Salon, Cinedump, Bella Vita Salon, Totally Lulu, Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital, Lonestar Lake Views, Megan Behan (Realtor), Tomball Archaeological Recovery Club,, Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary, The Eclectic Frog, Kimbows, Grammy’s Cry Babies, Bonny Babies – Hand Crocheted Baby Stuff, Vertical Girls Pole Fitness, Hope Reigns Ranch, T-Shirts Ink & More, and Guinea Pigs 101.

EDITORIAL INCLUDES: Lensational Magazine, Wild Wander Magazine, The Storyteller Magazine, The Ardent Lens Magazine, Summerana Magazine, The Creative Collective Magazine, Dock Line Magazine, American Dog Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, Exposure Magazine, and Pup Culture Magazine. I am also quite proud to have been featured with Proud Parenting on more than one occasion.