I started this venture as a hobbyist. Friends and family pushed me to ‘start charging’, and here we are, over a decade later.

Boy, does that sound easy! Let me tell you something, it’s wasn’t. Oof.

I failed a lot, I quit a few times, and the frustration was catastrophic and debilitating more than I’d like to admit.

I found other photographers over the years and often asked for their guidance, as I admired their work and looked up to them. I found many of those that I reached out to were uninterested or that offering guidance or help to a beginner or hobbyist was beneath them. If you’re reading this page, I’m sure you’ve experienced the same. This industry is SO HARD on the new guys.

However, those that did help guide and shape me were invaluable. I still use some of their teachings today as a professional and published photographer.

The focus over here is community over competition. I remember what it was like being self-taught and spending hours watching tutorials and reading how-to’s and still something was missing. A step was left out, my end product didn’t look like their end product, or the whole thing didn’t answer my question or give me what I needed at all.

If any of this sounds familiar, I’m glad you found me! I offer 1 on 1 real time mentorships on a variety of topics at affordable levels.

Education is the BEST investment you can make
for yourself and your business.


* Please note, for editing mentorships, I work exclusively in Photoshop.
I do not offer editing mentorships for mobile or tablet editors. *

  • Website Critique
  • Portfolio Critique
  • Effective Culling System
  • Facial Retouching
  • Dodge/Burn Techniques
  • Face/Feature Swaps
  • Liquify Techniques
  • In Depth Sky Replacement
  • Color Cast Correction
  • Frequency Separation
  • Effective Cropping/Framing
  • Removing Background Distractions

Need something not listed? Let’s chat and determine if I can help! Things not listed that I cannot help you with: legal advice, contract advice, or gear suggestions.

As Needed

Got a specific issue on one image? This is the option for you!

I teach you how to fix it/avoid it in the future.


Website Critique

Quick Glance – $50
Quick glances over multiple pages as a potential client would. Give first impressions and tips.

Specific Page – $100
In depth look at a page of your choice.
Give tips, impressions, etc.

Total Site – $300
Every link/page/text block on your website, making notes, offering tips and tricks, and we will go over them together

Portfolio Critique

Send your best images that define you and your style. I will go over them and provide feedback and tips to improve. Minimum 5 images.

$25/per image

DIY Mentor Program

Build your own kit!
Pick four topics from the above you want to work on.


via Zoom ScreenShare

All Access

You get the WHOLE package. Every topic on the list, and unlimited questions/support for 30 days.


via Zoom ScreeShare and given Personal Contact Information

Got questions about a specific topic?

I can give a super duper brief description to see if you’d benefit from my teaching or not!

I mean…why pay for something you already know!?