Next Level Selfies

Aside from portrait photography, I also photograph abandoned spaces as a hobby. The selfie project came about during a very low dip in my mental health.

I felt that if I could find the beauty in abandoned and destroyed shells of what once was, then maybe I could find that within myself, too.

I have photographed these broken buildings for years, and within the last few, I finally started doing what I affectionately call ‘Next Level Selfies’. They were never intended to make it to the internet. They truly were solely for me and finding myself and who I am. We all have our demons and we struggle with them regularly, often daily. This project became how I challenged mine head on.

Each image is taken via a timer, most with a tripod, and as comical as it is…I literally set the timer and run! They are 100% “selfies.” I chose “next level” because not only do they require more than average skill, they also are deeper than that for me. This wasn’t about me obsessed with my own appearance, but more so the opposite. This was, and still is, me finding myself and going headfirst into battle with emotions and thoughts I was experiencing at each time in my life when the photo was taken.

Each image in the series is titled with a beautiful, yet rare, carefully chosen word. Where the word tells the story, the image illustrates it. While many are dark and haunting, a few are pure and loving. I can say, with all honesty, each one is raw and provoking.