Published 2020 – The Ardent Lens Magazine

You will find, on this page, some of the most common questions I’ve encountered.

If you don’t find an answer here, or even want more clarification, let’s chat! Click here!

What should I wear?

Try to choose colors that match your home decor; after all, your portraits are going to look amazing on your walls! For larger families or groups of people, strive for a more cohesive look. Avoid matching exact colors. I usually recommend one pattern, and everyone else a color within that pattern. Neutral colors photograph well and are almost always flattering.

How long before I can see my gallery?

In most cases, I will have your images to you in 2-4 weeks. Typically, portraits are posted in your online gallery within 2 weeks. I will be in contact with you a LOT while we’re getting everything together.

Why do your images say tiffanydieringer.com on them?

In the beginning of 2020, I re-branded everything. I switched everything over to my married name, finally. New site. New logo. New me.

Can I bring treats for my dog?

Yes, definitely! In fact, I should make it a requirement! Maybe even a squeaky toy or two!

When and how can I pay you?

I accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo.  There is a 25% retainer fee due at book, and the remainder is collected at the end of the session. Make checks payable to Tiffany McKinley.

My dog is crazy and has no manners…is that okay?

Yes, of course! If I get taken down by a wild ball of floof, I would go happily. I want to capture your dog/cat just how you know and love them! My pet sessions are completely and 100% candid.

Why can’t I use Walgreen’s or Walmart to print my photos?

You most certainly can, and I do offer this option to you. I would recommend Mpix as a decent lab available to the public. However, my work is processed and calibrated with the professional printing lab I’ve chosen to work with due to their stunning quality. You will not find better quality in commercial/retail photo labs that are. 

I can’t think of any place I’d like to have our session.

Not a problem, at all! I’ve lived in Montgomery County for over 30 years, I’m pretty familiar with the sights and places that make for awesome photos!