Rescue & Rehabilitation

Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary

I believe STRONGLY in rescue and rehabilitation of animals from (or starting out in) less than acceptable care.

I believe that no matter the species, no matter the breed, no matter the situation…they ALL deserve a chance.

I donate my photography and finished photos to various rescues in and around the Houston area.

I have worked with multiple rescues over the years:

Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary, Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward, Corridor Rescue, Inc., Reggie’s Friends, Coldspring STARS, and more.

Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward

If you are a rescue or shelter in need of quality photos of the animals in your care (regardless of species), contact me.

We’ll set up a date, time, and discuss the animals needing photos.

You will be given the web-res images to use as you see fit for your rescue/shelter website, PetFinder, and or Facebook accounts.

I am also available to photograph fundraising events and more for your group.

You can email me personally at:

We can chat via my Facebook page, or even Click Here! I’d love to help you get these guys into the best forever homes possible.