Tips & Tricks

So, you’ve scheduled a session and haven’t a clue what to do with your hair, nails, make-up, or even what to wear?! Or maybe you have an idea and you want to make sure it’s photo-ready? Well, here’s a few tips and tricks that can help you decide and shed some light in any gray areas.


If we’re doing a specific mood for your shoot, we should talk in more detail about your hair. It can literally change the whole feel of an image! If we’re doing a normal session, consider the environment! If our session is outside, think about being too hot and getting sweaty or wind blowing free hair all over creation.

Getting your hair done professionally isn’t a bad idea either!


For girls, make sure your finger and toe nails (if they’re going to be seen!) match. I know this sounds funny, but if there’s a picture of your feet and hands in the same picture, they look much better if they are matching.

If you have old peeling polish, I ask that you please remove ALL of it prior to the shoot. No polish is WAY better than cracking and peeling polish.

If you had your nails done last month and it’s time for a refill but don’t have time, just cover them with a coat of polish to hide that empty, bare space.

On the male side, make sure the oil/dirt/grease or whatever you guys get under your nails isn’t there for the shoot. It’s very hard to edit those lines under your nails out.

Make Up

Don’t worry about acne or fever blisters or chapped lips…I can edit these out. Editing a pimple is much easier than editing too much makeup over a pimple.

Hiring a MUA isn’t required, but is a super nice touch for any photo session!


If you’re not keen on the false lash look, I definitely recommend a dark (almost back) mascara. Eyes are most commonly lost in photos, so defining the edges with a darker color pops them back into view.

Don’t have lashes? They make some amazing natural false lashes these days! Check out Amazon and be sure to read the reviews!


For your brows, use a brow pencil or powder to fill any thin spots. Again, you’ll want to shade your eyebrows a little darker than you think necessary.


The most flattering everyday color is going to be a shade that is a bit darker than the inside of your lips. This shade will match your skin best and make your teeth appear whiter. Win-win!


I want you to be comfortable…and I want you to wear whatever you want as these are YOUR pictures. However, I do have some really important things you should consider.

  • Solid colors or basic patterns. Nothing that’ll take away from the main focus: you. Avoid logos (at all costs!) and/or complex designs. Also, long sleeves are GREAT! …but, please…don’t think you can only bring long sleeves.

  • If you are taking couple or group photos, try to get everyone in complimenting colors. Don’t match! Coordinate! Choose a color palette first (or even a statement piece), then work up from there. You can rarely go wrong with muted colors! Consider also, the colors of your home, since that’s where the photos will be displayed. Think of every pieces for every person being one outfit. Do they all fit?

  • Want to look slimmer? V-Neck shirts will create an elongated appearance. Black is the universally accepted slimming color, but any dark shade provides a slimming effect by concealing the right areas.  Vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes. Cinch your waist with a slim belt. It will highlight the smaller areas of your body, giving a leaner effect, however, a thicker belt will make you appear heavier.
  • Different textures add beautiful dimension.

  • Maybe taller? Try high waisted bottoms! The high waist will elongate your legs because your waistline looks higher on your body. Super short (ankle) boots also help elongate the legs. Avoid capris, though!

Dry Skin

Lather up some lotion just before your session.