Who Am I

In the beginning of my photography business venture (way back in 2010), I had an extreme (and rather inexperienced) urge to be professional. I thought that was what you were supposed to do.

Can I be real here? Professional is boring.

I am fun. Kind. Colorful. Honest. In this new decade, I want to be more of that…not who I thought I should be.

I also want that for you during your experience with me. I want you (and your family, too) to be yourself. Be the beautiful beings that you are!

I KNOW you’re thinking, “Yeah, right. My kids are absolute chaos and my spouse will be stiff as a board and grumpy.” You are not a lost cause.

Let me show you.

I’m not going to get frustrated with rambunctious kids, in fact, I’ll probably be rambunctious with them! Your spouse wants to be a grouch? I’ve got dumb jokes and great stories. By the end of your experience, we’re all going to feel like family.

On a more personal note, I am a state certified veterinary technician and published model. I run an animal charity, Tad’s Toys, that donates new and used toys to rescues and shelters around the Houston area. My husband and I have been married since 2016 and we have one spectacular toddler. I have experience on both sides of the camera for over 20 years, and I believe this to be very beneficial for us and the art we are going to create.

I am located in Magnolia, Texas, and am available for all your photography needs (excluding weddings).

I’m so glad you’re here, let’s chat! Click here!

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Michael’s Dogs, Artisan Loft Salon, Cinedump, Bella Vita Salon, Totally Lulu, Wags 2 Whiskers Veterinary Hospital, Lonestar Lake Views, Megan Behan (Realtor), Tomball Archaeological Recovery Club, HAR.com, Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary, The Eclectic Frog, Kimbows, Hope Reigns, Grammy’s Cry Babies, Bonny Babies – Hand Crocheted Baby Stuff, Vertical Girls Pole Fitness, Hope Reigns Ranch, T-Shirts Ink & More, and Guinea Pigs 101.

EDITORIAL INCLUDES: Lensational Magazine, The Ardent Lens Magazine, Summerana Magazine, The Creative Collective Magazine, Dock Line Magazine, American Dog Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, Exposure Magazine, and Pup Culture Magazine. I am also quite proud to have been featured with Proud Parenting on more than one occasion.