Location Inspiration

Choosing a location for your session is JUST as important as the wardrobe selection. No pressure!  

I’ve prepared this guide (with the most popular spots!) to help you with this decision and hopefully take some stress and anxiety off your shoulders. 

Keep in mind, this is a guide.
These aren’t rules.

This is just to help inspire you to get creative
or see what options are out there.

You picked me because you love my work. I have a unqiue style that includes big open areas and usually dramatic skies. If the choice is mine, I will almost always choose a location where I can achieve both of those.

I shoot exclusively around sunset to ensure the best lighting and the most spectacular colors come through. If you’re choosing a spot I’ve not used before, consider where the sun will be setting. You don’t want to be staring into a setting sun and squinting. 

If there will be children during our session, I recommend avoiding parks or busy areas. Not only for the safety of the kiddos, but also, less distractions is best for them! I like to avoid setting them up for failure from the get go.

Also, consider your personality. Do you like hiking? Camping? Are you more urban and trendy? Maybe the lake or the beach is your second home? Or maybe you’re a country bumpkin and you’re obsessed with the rustic look.

Brainstorm locations that maybe only you or someone you know has access to. Using these spots will most definitely lead to super unique one of a kind images.

Location will make or break your session,
so do take some careful thought and consideration into this.